To All Customers Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

It is our intention to continue delivering to all our customers over the coming difficult weeks. We may have to sometimes change some delivery days to ensure that all customers receive their full requirements each week.

Please check our website regularly for updates on available products.

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Milk Glass Bottles

Our doorstep operation is very environmentally friendly and a high percentage of our customers have their milk delivered in returnable glass bottles as they have done for many years. 

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  Name Description Price
Whole 1pt glass

approx 3.5% fat

Semi-skimmed 1pt glass

1.6% fat

Skimmed 1pt glass

Virtually Fat Free - 0.1% fat

Homogenised 1pt glass

3.6% fat content

Channel island 1 Pt Glass

Fat (5.4%) and Protein (3.9%)

Sterilized 1pt £ 0,92
Sterilized Semi-skimmed 1pt £ 0,92

How to order

If any of our products catch your eye and you would like to order them for your next or any future delivery day please see the options below. Please note our offices times.


Option 1: Want to order multiple items? Simply email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and list the products you would like and when you would like them.

Option 2: Give us a call on 01449 676746 our offices are open from 7.00am - 12.00pm  Monday - Friday and 7.00am - 10am Saturday

Option 3: The good old way! Simply leave a note out for your milkman.


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